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Weddingphotos Maui Hawaii USA


Weddingphotographs Mauii Hawaii USA

Photographs of a Wedding on Maui Hawai: This wedding report was a little bit more "extreme" so to say, taking place on Maui, Hawai´i, over some days documenting the couple, their friends and relatives on arrival, the days before, on and after the wedding (e.g. bridal lunch...). We are mainly displaying the photographs of the wedding day above.
By the way: we always take this effort with all the weddings like on Maui, but this was accompanied by both Geraldine and Peter R. (right hand of collage if you carefully look) to take photographs of the bride and groom for the same time. This way Geraldine accompanied the bride and Peter did the groom and the couple received the pictures in sequence of time and could see what the other did on preparations for example.

"Just" a little bit more work and in English of course. Maybe you would like to have such a weddingreport for your wedding? Please just ask us for this "weddingreport" (choose between one/two people taking the photographs).

Many thanks to the bride and groom for the permission to publish these wedding photographs.

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