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Weddingphotos Philadelphia, USA


Weddingphotos USA German Photographer
Photographs © Copyright Roskothen

Photographs of a Wedding in Philadelphia: The request for taking these weddingphotos came from Phoenixville near Philadelphia, USA. The wedding took place in November 2005. We started taking photographs of the family, preparations like picking up the wedding-dress and the "civil" couple photos (just above) a few days ahead of the wedding, for both the bride and the groom to have good memories of all the details about the busy time of their life. You see a selection of the many photographs on the DVD that the couple received. The "weddingreport" includes the preparations of the bride and groom that have been photographed cronologically (two photographers) in order to be able to see what everyone else did at the same time.

Thank you so much Lisa and Joe for the right to show the wedding photographs to the public.

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